Grad Night Forms

Required Grad Night Forms

There are two documents provided: the Senior Release Form that all seniors need to complete, and the Emergency Care Plan for seniors who indicate they have a life-threatening condition.

Please return completed forms ASAP to the Grad Night Board OR email them to:



This document is designed to both protect the board, the parent volunteers, and Grad Night from liability suits, as well as provide important emergency contact information in case of an accident.  It also includes verbiage to cover students that will become legal adults from the time they signed the form to the time of the event.


➡️EMERGENCY CARE PLAN (ECP) ONLY Needed IF the student has a life-threatening condition 

The ECP is designed to protect your students, as well as provide important emergency information in case of a life-threatening condition.  It details emergency contact information, which life-threatening condition(s) the student has, and other specific questions that pertain to specific conditions.  It also requests a specific, immediate response plan if a life-threatening event occurs.