Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Information



 LSHS Class of 2023 Grad Night

1) What do I do if I can't find my name on the Classmate Profiles page?

If you don't find your name on the list, and are currently enrolled in the class of 2023 at LSHS, please use the "contact us" tab on the top right - send us a note with your First/Last name & request to be added to the site. We'll validate and add you as quickly as possible. If you would like to be removed from the list, please do the same.

2) Where can I purchase tickets?

Click the "Buy Grad Party Ticket + Gear" tab on our menu (to the left). 

3) Where can I find required forms for the Grad Night Event? 

All forms for Grad Night can be found here.

4) Can I pay for Grad Night tickets and class gear on the LSSD online payment portal? 

No. Grad Night 2023 is a non-profit, Volunteer Parent group for the LSHS Class of 2023 and is not affiliated with Lake Stevens School District. Payments must be made direct to LSHS Grad Night.

5) Can parents join this page?

Parent/Guardians are welcome to join as "Guest" users.  We strongly encourage this. We will keep you informed and you can get access links to important documents & have access to purchase tickets / gear online. If you can't find your Parent/Guardian student name on the list, please use the "Contact Us" tab and we'll get you added quickly. If you wish to be removed, please do the same.

6) I'm not sure I can attend the party, should I register anyway?

LSHS 2023 Classmates, if you're not able to attend the party, we encourage you to sign in/register anyway.  You can still vote - your opinion still counts and you'll still be able to purchase class gear(shirts/hoodies/etc.)! We intend to transition this site to your ASB officers after graduation to help with future class reunions (and remove the Parent/Guardians). 

7) Are scholarships available?

Sponsorships (full/partial) will be made available (first come basis) for students who have circumstances/hardships that make the event unaffordable.  A small, confidential, review committee (parent & school representative) will review each request. Please use the "contact us" tab in the upper right corner if you want to attend but might need a little help.

8) Where can I request graduation tickets?

Please contact LSHS administration for questions concerning the graduation ceremony and ticket requests. Grad Night 2023 does not organize or run the graduation ceremony.

8) I'd like to support Grad Night, how can I donate?

Please contact us at lshsgradnight2023@gmail.com or send cash or checks to "LSHS Grad Night" c/o Katherine Smith PO Box 1004, Lake Stevens, WA 98258.  


LSHS Class of 2023 Grad Night Facebook Page is another important site for classmates & parent/guardians to join - help us spread the word and stay informed about school activities, help needed, meetings, graduation details, grad-night party info. & fundraisers! Join us on Facebook: LSHS Class of 2023 Grad Night

Please Stay Tuned For More Information!

Thank you,
Your LSHS 2023 Grad-Night Party Parent Volunteer Committee 

This event is Sponsored by Lake Stevens Grad Night a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization